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Samsung Series 7 43’ Dropping signal, freezing audio and video

I'm not sure where to start. I purchased this TV less then 2 weeks ago and have had nothing but issues. First starting with the non-stop Bluetooth notification issues which have been talked about endlessly on here. Fixed that with the secret menu.


Turned on the TV to watch my Apple TV4K. The screen turns black every two minutes and restarts and shows the input again. If you try and watch Apple TV that's built in, same thing black screen every two minutes, like it's detecting HDMI or something.


So now in combination with that the lag from the remote to the TV is unreal and it keeps turning off. I disconnected the Apple TV, and it still turns off and it's driving me absolutely crazy. There is nothing smart about these TV's.


Factory reset the TV, the issue still happens. The TV actually froze audio at the setup screen and turned off? Really? 

So now I can't do anything with this TV, the only lesson I've learned is to never buy a Samsung TV again. Where is the support? From my understanding I am supposed to message a moderator on this forum to schedule service? 

Samsung Moderator
Samsung Moderator

Re: Samsung Series 7 43’ Dropping signal, freezing audio and video

I'm sorry to hear that, since you are having these issues with this TV and have done the necessary troubleshooting, I would recommend taking the TV back for an exchange as it is still so new, depending on where you bought it you should still be within the 30 day period or if you prefer you can send me a private message with your full model and serial number and I can get that set up for you. 

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