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Samsung TV Display Stopped Working - Customer service NIGHTMARE

(Topic created on: 12/14/20 3:16 PM)
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I want to start this off by saying I have been a loyal Samsung customer for 15+ years now. After buying dozens of TVs for my home and office (just recently bought one again), I have experienced the worst case scenario for any TV owner - my TV stopped working and the warranty expired a couple of years ago. Now, I understand that electronics are not meant to last forever, but I had purchased this $1500 TV in late 2016 and am extremely disappointed that it only managed to last 4 years before it totally stopped working - there are colorful lines across the screen with only the sound still working. I did not think that a $1500 TV should only a 4 year shelf life, so I decied to give Samsung a try to make this right. What happened next was an absolute nightmare, and frankly shocking turn of events.


1) I called Samsung customer service numerous, which wasn't helpful at all...but managed to finally get a representative via Twitter customer service who was eager to help. She actaully used the words "I will personally cover the costs of the repair." 

2) Samsung scheduled a tech that came out to my house and assessed that the damage to the TV is from a faulty panel, which would need to be replaced. He said he didn't have the part on him but would come back next week.

3) The Tech did not show up for the follow up visit at all, so I called the tech directly and he said that the part is still not in stock *he was surpised nobody called me to let me know* and said that Samsung would have to probably exchange my TV. 

4) Samsung followed up via Twitter on how my service appointment went, at which point I told them the Tech didn't show up so...what now?

5) Instead of covering the costs to fix my TV they got back to me offering a $240 credit to "buy back my TV"

6) A few days later, Samsung customer service calls me and asks if I want to process my credit of $180. I said there must be some kind of misunderstanding - I was offered $240 via Twitter at which point the rep literally said "oh they must have made a mistake, sorry - we can't offer you more than $180." 



Not only did I have to deal with a faulty TV but also this nightmare of a customer service experience. Where is the customer service here? So disappointing.



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