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Samsung TV buzzing noise when using built in apps



I purchased a Samsung Q800T 8K tv a few days ago. When accessing the built in apps (netflix, HBO etc) I am geting a high pitch buzzing sound that comes from the TV. I do not have the same issue when running Netflix from an external source like the PS4 Pro. For some strange reason the buzzing sound goes away when i activate the LED Clear Motion setting under picture settings. But i would rather not be forced to use this setting. I called the Samsung service center today, but the only answer i got was to do a reset of the TV, wich did not work.  


I am not really sure what to do next. Should i turn in the TV at the retailer store? Or is this something that will be fixed with a firmware update longer down the road? I can see that someone has earlier had a similar problem with the Q80T TVs.