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Samsung VRR with Xbox One X and NU8000

Hi guys,

New 82 inch NU8000 owner here with some questions:

I have a Xbox One X. On the Rtings review I have read that you can get a darn good input lag by using VRR. The Samsung NU8000 is VRR compatible and the Xbox One X also supports this. How can I get this work? I have read some comments (don t know where anymore) that some people say the game itself (in my case Modern Warfare) needs to support VRR but others say that this is not required. Can someone with experience with VRR help me out on this subject?

Second question is about the local dimming of the NU8000. Because rtings stated that the local dimming implementation on the NU8000 is pretty poor I am thinking about just playing my 4K movie content without local dimming enabled. How do you guys think about this?