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Samsung ks8000 Screen black

(Topic created on: 2/20/21 4:03 AM)
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Hello everyone. Hope you are doing well.

I have a tv samsung KS8000 i bought it to America 2016. I moved to europe specifically in Greece and i brought it with me. 

One day while i was watching, the screen turned black. I tried to close it and open, but nothing. Then i unplugged it for 30mins nothing again, i unplugged it for a whole day nothing again. Its like it doesnt have power to open. And note that there is red light and tge samsung light would open close. I tried to bring it for service but no one here in Greece dont have spare parts for "american samsung products" only europeans they said. I love this tv :pensive_face:

If someone could help me i would be appreciated. 

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