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Samsung's TV Plus app

(Topic created: 05-18-2021 10:53 AM)
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I've tried tech support 5 times, it only half way works. It seems to NOT work on the Pluto channels like Nickelodeon etc. I've given up. If there was someway to delete TV Plus and just scroll into Pluto. I'd love it. I bought my Samsung for the name even though it cost almost twice what my next door neighbor paid for her Insignia. But her TV app works flawlessly. But I'm stuck with a constant wait. Do you owe Pluto money?  Why do I have to suffer? Everytime I have to drop what I'm doing and manually load the Pluto app for my son. Cause most of the channels he scrolls to on TV plus won't work unless I load the Pluto app. Not impressed Samsung, Brand means nothing to me on my next 4k tv purchase. Sorry, but you burn me only once.

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