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Searching on a DLNA Connected Device

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Hello All,

I have a fairly simple question. First a little background:

I have an 82" TV as my home Theater, model UN82NU8000F.

It has the ability to connect to my ReadyNAS 214 Netgear NAS Via ReadyDLNA over gigabit copper and it does so.

I can choose the RN214 as an input and go to the "MOVIES" folder. The thing even displays album art, which is great.


So, the question is this:

Is there any sort of SEARCH Function, or can it be requested of Samsung for a firmware update?


With nearly 3k titles on it, it takes forever to scroll over to whatever it is we want to watch. Granted, when the count was a few hundred, the time taken on a search was not so bad. But now, it takes way too long.

I would like to see some kind of search ability, like you see on YouTube or Netflix. Even being able to type in a few characters of file name or title would be great. 

I ask because when I connect my Samsung phone to the RN214, I can search names and watch the movie over the same network and even over the cloud.

I know streaming content is all the rage now, but everyone I know who sees the setup wants to do so on their TV.

With storage so cheap (the entire server and four 6TB drives was less than $850), I cannot imagine more folks won't be doing this at some point. I even see people streaming to the TV from Computer's Movie Folder and sharing out their BD or DVD drives to watch movies. 

Ideas? Options?




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