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Security Issues for 4K UHD TV

I have serious concerns about the ability for someone to hack into my 4K UHD tv. Last week, while reading in my room I noticed that the sound was cutting in & out. When I looked up, the menu settings were opened & someone was actively moving through the settings on the tv. They eventually made their way into the "Network settings" as well as the "External Device Manager" settings. 

It took me several minutes to realize what was happening. I made several attempts to stop them. Using the "Exit" button on my remote to close out the menu options; that worked for a moment before they were opened again & the person went back into those respective settings. 

I had to restart the tv several times before it gave me the time & chance to go into those settings myself. 

When I did, I discovered thag nearly a dozen "mobile devices" had been "connected" to my TVs without my knowledge. I "denied" their access & deleted them. 

I then changed the settings to "notify" me whenever a tv attempts to connect. 

I just came back from a weekend away, & their are devices connected to my tv again. None of the devices are mine. I'm deeply concerned that someone was able to interfere with my home internet & do God knows what. Samsung support has not been helpful. I am attempting to file a formal complaint with them so I can get written documentation but have gotten zero support or success in attempting to do so. 


Re: Security Issues for 4K UHD TV

you should probably look into a VPN. the VPN will block your devices from being visible