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Cosmic Ray

“Smart” Remote inop

My Samsung smart remote, which came with my Q8FNB, stopped working, except for the power button. 


This was discussed elsewhere, and a solution noted, but I believe I found an easier way to correct the issue. 


I had had previously downloaded the Samsung remote app for iPhone. That remote (app) functioned. 


I also bought a very inexpensive remote with the traditional format, including the number panel. This also continued to function. 


I used the app remote to go to Settings, General, External Device Manager, Input Device Manager and Bluetooth Device List.


The TV went into “Search” mode and discovered the non-functioning “smart” remote. 


I believe the “Smart” Remote became un-paired and this re-paired the remote. 


Or it could have been because it is Friday, the 13th and a Harvest Moon...