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Support Confusion

(Topic created: 05-11-2021 05:27 PM)
4k, 8k and Other TVs


I woke up today ready to use my TV, and I got presented with this! Out of nowhere my UN55KS8000 stopped working. It has been mounted high on the wall, kept safe its entire life. It seems like a common problem with this model of TV and even came with a 10 year burn in warranty. Spending $1000 dollars on a TV that lasted not even 4 years is disappointing. I thought that I could use the warranty, but there is no one to talk to and no website that will take me to the right place. Every "support" person that I've talked to hasn't been useful and gives the laziest answers possible. I've bought Samsung smart watches, phones, tablets, monitors, laptops, wireless chargers, other TVs, and loved them all. I've heard only good things about Samsung support. I would love if my first experience with Samsung support be the best one. All I want is to communicate with someone who can provide me with relevant information. All I'm looking for is an answer.
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