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Switching between inputs causes the tv to stop showing an image

(Topic created on: 1/6/21 4:41 AM)
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Hello Samsung community,


I recently purchased a Samsung tv, specifically the 55 inch Q60 (GQ55Q60RGTXZG). I also own a Samsung soundbar HW-M450. I connected the tv and the soundbar through the HDMI ARC port. I also connected an Xbox one X to one of the other HDMI ports. When I turn on the Xbox and then turn on the tv an issue accrues where I can hear the Xbox is turned on but I don't see the image (I only see the placeholder screen that says on which input I am).  Also If I switch to my tv input (which comes through a card - icecrypt conax) I don't see the image, only the audio is transmitted. 


I found a workaround - if I turn the tv off, unplug it from the power, plug it back in and turn it on, it works again. But of course, I don't want to do that each time I want to play my Xbox.


I also noticed that when the tv is in this state, and I change the volume of the sound, I can only do it in increments of one (clicking the remote volume up or down). Normally if you hold it, the volume gets higher and higher. 


Any Ideas on what this might be? I saw that there is a firmware update for the soundbar, I'll try doing that and will report back. 


Thank you in advance for the help.

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4k, 8k and Other TVs

This is EXACTLY what happens with our Samsung Q60 (QN82Q60RAFXZA).  It is maddening!  The Volume going down sporadically 1 incrament at a time is ridiculous.  Does anyone have a fix???

I'd like to let my kids use thier Nintendo Switches with the TV again.  Right now it's such a hassle to get the tv image back that we stopped letting them use the tv.  

Please help!!!!!