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Cosmic Ray

TU7000 Remote with Disney +

One of the really cool features with the Samsung Smart TVs is the auto-program feature of the remote control. I just purchased a TU7000, and so far the remote has worked flawlessly with Netflix and my PS4.


However, when using Disney +, I can't figure out out to back out (either to the menus when watching a movie, or even to the previous menu when navigating the app). Also, the "stop" button doesn't work, it just brings up the info pane. The only way I can stop a movie on Disney + is by pressing "Exit", but that closes the app altogether (FYI, I'm using Disney + on my PS4... same with Netflix, and the remote works great there).


Is anyone else having this issue, or is there a way to program the remote to work with Disney + as well as it does with other apps?