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TU7020 light bleeding

(Topic created: 05-21-2021 07:54 PM)
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Hi all

I purchased a TU7020 75” and there a clouds on the corners of the screen where the lighting is bleeding through the edges.

I rang Samsung who gave me case ref and then asked me to send pics.  

Did they resolve? No! Fed me with some rubbish about it being part of the spec, im sorry but I’ve paid over a thousand pounds for a 4K telly which now doesn’t look good as my old Sony HD as these clouds are an eye sore!!!!!!!! 

ive seen that this is a common problem on Samsung tv units as I’ve seen many posts on this issue.

A message to Samsung - Stop ripping off your customers with badly manufactured TVs, this is not on and I will not let it end here until someone sorts this issue out not just for me but for every customer that puts money in your pockets.  I will NEVER buy another Samsung again and the customer service is the worst I’ve ever come across.  The worst customer experience I’ve encountered dealing with Samsung.  We work hard to buy such things and then you just rip us off and make up rubbish about it being part of the spec, YOU SHOULD PUT WARNING ON ALL YOUR PRODUCT SKUS THAT THERE MAY BE FAULTS SO YOU’RE BETTER OFF SPENDING YOUR MONEY WITH SONY OR LG.  SHAMBLES OF A COMPANY!!! I’m so infuriated.

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4k, 8k and Other TVs
I so don't miss backlit TV's. OLED all the way. I was cursed with edge bleed and clouding issues for years.