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TU8000 85 Inch TV Lots of Recent Picture Quality Issues

(Topic created on: 1/31/21 6:21 PM)
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Is anyone having issues after the last firmware? (Dec 2020) I don't know if it's the firmware causing my issues or maybe my TV is going bad. I have the latest firmware installed. I'm having some odd issues on all the HDMI inputs. The devices connected to the HDMI inputs get washed out colors and the picture is super bright. TV brightness level settings do not change the over saturation. Also seeing what looks like over exposed colors. I seem to have to pull the hdmi out from the device and then it goes away. Sometimes turning off my tv fixes the issue. It seems the picture quality sometimes varies day to day with no settings changes. The over brightness makes it hard to view. Sometimes when watching Netflix on a roku it seems like there is a pattern or greys are messed up. I can't reset that port because it's plugged into the tv and the tv is mounted to the wall.

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