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TV Universal Remote App Won't Control Bose Cinemate

I have a 65 inch curved Samsung TV, model number UN65KS8500F, that I picked up from Besty Buy maybe a year or two ago.  I was looking at connecting a Bose Cinemate 15 digtal theatre sound system to the TV, however, I'm having no luck getting the Samsung TV's Universal Remote feature to control the sound system.


When I go into the Universal Remote app, I select Home Theatre System, then select Bose as the manufacturer.  The app then proceeds to run the Power Tests to see if it turns on or off the device.


Test 1 - does not power on/off the device.

Test 2 - does power on the device, but if the device is already on, it does not turn it off.  If I say "Yes" to the power on/off question and keep these settings, it will turn the device on with the TV, but you can't control the volume, nor does it turn the device off when the TV is turned off.

Test 3 - does not power on/off the device.


I also tried going through all 3 tests selecting "No" to the power on/off question and then it prompts you to enter in the model number, to which I entered it in and it automatically found Cinemate 15.  I selected the model only to find that it still does not power on or off the device at all.  If I turn on the device via it's remote manually, the TV doesn't control the volume.


So, I thought, I would connect one of my spare harmony hub/controllers and be done with it.  The Harmony hub has no problems power on/off, volumne up/down, mute, or input with the sound system.  However, the Harmony settings for the Samsung TV are completly jacked.  Back button doesn't work, the Guide button takes you to the built in tuner of the TV regardless of what app or input your in, the Menu button opens the Settings window of the TV, not the Smart Apps menu.  If you try to correct inside Harmony app, it says it's sorry, but you'll have to do it manually with your TV remote, to which I could never get the Harmony hub to recongiize the commands from the Samsung TV controller no matter how close or far I stood from the hub.  I thought maybe it was because this is a older gen Harmony hub, so I swapped it out with the one I got about a year ago from Best Buy, and it still can't regongize the commands from the TV controller.


So, I've gone around and around and can't seem to get down to 1 remote no matter what I do.  Any help or input would be greatly appreciated!