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TV is dead after 1 year of use

(Topic created on: 5/2/21 4:46 PM)
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I’m extremely disappointed in Samsung.  I have a UN65JS8500FXZA tv that is now dead and unrepairable.  Samsung sent a repair person out for an inspection at no charge, the tv is out of warranty.  The repairman said Samsung had allowed an allowance for the labor on the repair.  The parts are not available and the TV is a fire hazard.  LED tv’s should last at minimum 40,000 hours, this only had 14177 hours on it.  $2300 for this tv and now I have to buy a new one less than 5 years old.  When looking through the threads on this community page, this is a known defect of light bleeding through and the tv getting so hot you can’t touch it.  

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