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TV trying to download software update but no Internet connection, so how/why is it trying?

UN55JS8500 TV wants to update TV software, but there's no internet connection (by my choice) and putting firmware on a USB stick and putting it into the TV's USB connection doesn't work either. I have no current interest in downloading anything to my TV. Now the TV just loops trying to update software, then shutting down, then trying to update again, continually. How to get out of this hades?


Re: TV trying to download software update but no Internet connection, so how/w..

you can get it out by updating it the TV needs an update whether you like it or not. Just how it is it cannot continue to function without that update the most you can do is use your cell phone as a hotspot and connect your TV to your phone download the update and then have your TV forget the network then you won't be connected to the internet and all you would have gotten is the necessary updates to make your TV run if you don't like updating or downloading of anything to your TV perhaps you shouldn't have gotten a smart TV everything needs to update now and days every so often It's The Sign of the times don't like it get a different TV the reason why it's trying is because that's what it's programmed to do attempt to try to get the update that it needs did you not attempt to get food to feed yourself when you are hungry?