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TV won't send audio to paired bluetooth speaker

(Topic created on: 2/26/21 4:50 PM)
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Finally got my Jambox paired to samsung tv bluetooth. Trouble is, when I change from tv speakers to jambox, the tv speakers shut off but no audio at all from the jambox. The jambox is known to work. My samsung tv volume control does not work, nor the channel control.  Nor does smart hub. I lost all my apps and cant' get them back. My internet and wifi are rock solid.  Voice control doesn't work anymore either. Try setting the sleep timer without voice control. I have tried all the tips and tricks on the web and on this community to no avail. Judging by this board alone, these problems persits over many models over many years. Everybody says try this, try that, even Samsung tech support says try this try that. I found that I can change channels by using my comcast remote on the cable box but I cannot change the volume level. I was hoping I could direct the tv audio to the jambox and use it to control the audio, but samsung won't cooperate. It sees the jambox, is paired with it. Both the tv and the jambox say they're paired but the samsung tv won't direct the sound to bluetooth. Please help.

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