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TVS and ARC (Audio Return Channel) Problems

What is the problem with Samsung (QLED- QN55Q65F) TVs not able to work with ARC. I bought QN55 model in 2018 and  replaced my still working 2004 Onkyo (TX-SR604) with newer ARC connection Onkyo TXNR676  I've been trying since then researching from software patches to HDMI and Digital Audio (Toslink) connections.  It would work, quit, work, quit, again and again and it doesn't work now. BTW, had hook-up via Digi-Opti Audio!


Re: TVS and ARC (Audio Return Channel) Problems

ARC stands for audio return channel which allows you to use only 1 cable (hdmi) for both video and audio.

toslink has nothing to do with ARC.

sending and receiving devices only have 1 Arc input/output.

make sure ARC is activated on both tv and receiver.

look for ARC hdmi input on tv and plug in hdmi to it with the tv off.

do the same on your receiver with it turned off.

now turn on the TV and your receiver should also power on. it this in fact does happen then you are all set.

if not then the devices did not correctly handshake and I would then suggest you contact the manufacturer of your devices.