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Total Disrespect by Samsung Customer Service -UN65KS8000b Bleed issue

(Topic created: 07-20-2021 03:31 PM)
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To Start off I never write reviews but I could not let this one go dealing with Samsung Customer service recently,

I helped my elderly  parents buy a Samsung Samsung  TV  UN65KS8000 for  $1600 dollars approx four years ago. You would think that. a TV in the middle to high end with "Samsung" name would last .. Nope! the  TV has a white bleeding issue in middle of screen..  All suggested test done in advance,  examples from Samsung Youtube net etc..  Still not fixed and unwatchable. 

 Past week have been on chat e-mail and voice. 

I was willing to have this serviced as they cannot cant afford a new TV. 

 (1) the serial number is not accessible on website so you can't put a ticket .

 (2) was sent to Support.India@Samsung.com.   they stated they cannot help wrong region >. well why was I given a Support.India e-mail?

  (3) Person I was on chat for at least 20 mins stated that they had put in the ticket and get call back.. This really was unprofessional.  nothing was ever done (suggestion  take a name or ask for transcript) 

   (4)  called and was told not ticket in for me or no record ?

I  just want to get advise on what to do here and get service !!!!!   This is sad as always bought samsung products and  just got the new Galaxy 21 ..   When company gets too big you are just another customer in the pool of buyers,.  This makes my decision going forward not to buy Samsung products .

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4k, 8k and Other TVs
I had the same horrible customer experience and service experience when I bought a Samsung washer and dryer. When they installed it they could barely figure out how to get it put together. Then later I called because there were some issues, the person who came was young was always on the phone talking to them, in his major issue was he had a lot more calls that night to get done. All I can sympathize with him being over busy it's really not for him to tell the customer because my concern is he takes the time and effort to complete my call professionally. I had issues with Dell in the past and I've never bought from them again. I have quite a few Samsung items, and they will need to be replaced someday, but right now I'm going to be about 60% ready to change products due to poor service and lack of interest in my problems when they were in my home. One example is, my washer door kept swinging back no matter where I put it in hitting my closet door, I asked the service man as he stood there could he do something to level the door so it I could put it in a position it would stay there, he immediately said that couldn't be done. The LG washer and dryer head for almost 16 years looks about the same as the Samsung in my washer door stayed right where I put it no matter which position I put it in.
The proof that Samsung another large companies really don't care about their customers is they don't take time to know how to train their reps to fix problems... And what they have done is duped all their customers into coming on these user sites and asking each other how to correct problems that Samsung should be fixing and knowing how to do. Years ago I could call a tech for any product I had and they would fix it... Period. Now when you call they usually don't know what to do, we'll pass you on to somebody else numerous times, they will tell you anything whether it is right or wrong, and if you're an older person you listen to what they say and take it for granted but too often I have listened to them say things to me and challenge them and then they go on to something else. I could go on forever but there's no sense in it. If all the big shots of all the companies like Gates at Microsoft, and whoever the guy is the top of Samsung, would take half the money they got from salaries and bonuses and stock optins and put it back into customer service, it might make quite a difference to their customers. I don't believe if they did that, it would make any difference to them because when you're filthy rich what's the difference if you're just less filthy rich.