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UN50NU7100f: 50" turns on, logo flickers, then reboots over and over.

Trying one last time then going to replace with another brand.


I have a couple year old UN50NU7100f: 50" Class NU7100 Smart 4K UHD TV that just recently starting having major issues.


If I plug it in, it turns on automatically, shows the smart TV logo, but flickers, then shows the bottom menu for a moment then reboots itself over and over.  


I have tried unplugging and pushing the power button on the TV for longer than 20 seconds multiple times.   I've tried different plugs and cords.    I've unplugged every cord except the power.   I've removed the batteries from the remote completely.   I've waited a few hours between tries.


Here is a link to a video of the issue.


Is this the main board, the power supply or something else I can replace or is it just a junk TV I need to replace with a non-Samsung?   Yes, it is out of warranty so I have no issue opening the back up.


Note: I've tried with and without surge protectors and I CANNOT get to the menus to turn off any of the features the bots like to point to as a fix.


Thank you.