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UN55KU650 audio stops working from Roku

So I have a UN55KU650 that the audio stops working on my Roku. Usually I unplug the TV for 10 seconds and it will work again. This happens once a day. Here is what I have tried for troubleshooting. I have tried resetting the TV to factory defaults. I have checked audio HDMI and the issue occurs whether on PCM or midstream. I have tried another Roku which does not have the issue connected to an older Sony tv. I have tried different HDMI cables. I have tried different HDMI inputs on the TV. I am on the latest firmware for the TV. From what I can tell the problem started around the time the firmware was installed as it has only been doing this the last couple of months. I chatted with Samsung support pros yesterday but he wants to have a repair scheduled bit I dont think throwing parts at it will fix the problem so I am hesitant to spend money that wont fix it. Apparently Samsung hasnt had other reports of this happening on this model tv but had the issue on another model. The tech didnt think it was the firmware since no one else has complained of this issue. Anyone else experience this?


Re: UN55KU650 audio stops working from Roku

Chances are the problem is your Roku, I have the same problem frequently and after I reboot it the sound works fine.