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UN55MU8000F keeps changing ARC audio output from Digital to PCM.

IN the last week the TV, UN55MU8000F, started getting loud and soft and loud again. I went looking and saw that it was sending PCM from the TV to the Denon Receiver. Dolby sounds fine and then the volume gets real low and I see PCM is lit up on my receiver. 

I get it back to Dolby and sounds fine again. 

My Firmware is 1280. 

I looked on the site for the firmware and could only find 1270.3.

I am on auto updates, so 1280 got put on there by Auto Update.

Was there a rollback that I am unaware of? I have not tired installing the one on the site, because I do not know if it would cause any errors. 

Any information would be helpful.

Thank You