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First of all, a criticism for Samsung ... The email sending page does not work. So what is this option for on the website?


Another detail is that on the support page, it is not possible to reach this "supposed" page, with a recently acquired model, the UN55TU850DF. That is, if you do not select anything, you cannot proceed. And if you can, as I said, it won't do any good ... That's why I came to ask for help here in the community.


I bought a UN55TU850DF TV and am trying to use a keyboard on it. I bought the Microsoft All-in-One-Media Keyboard. But it is wireless, that is, it needs a USB adapter connected to the TV. So far, no problem, it works. But it works on some basic keys, and you can type your texts more easily. But the touchpad did not work. Does anyone have any information that might be different?

From what I noticed, to work 100% the keyboard needs to have built-in bluetooth, right? So, only a Logitech K600 TV, which costs 3 times more ... Would that be it?

Any recommendations for a bluetooth keyboard that works and has the best cost / benefit ratio?


Thank you all.