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UN65KS8000FXZA Flickering, Picture and Color Tone Shifting

(Topic created: 07-22-2021 09:15 PM)
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I purchased a 65" KS8000 that recently started having screen flickering issue that has gotten progressively worse over the last 2 weeks. The picture will shift vertically and color tone will slightly change and revert back to the original location and color tone (this shift between normal and distorted occurs once every second, it is impossible to watch the TV at this point). The screen will work fine for about one (1) minute before the flicker begins after turning the TV on. I spoke with Samsung support over the phone and the rep was not able to resolve my issue. In the call, the representative walked me through steps on disabling some "Eco" and an "Auto Motion Plus" feature that apparently was causing the issues (Why Samsung includes features on their equipment that are known to have issues is beyond me) which did not resolve my issue. I was referred to requesting support through the Samsung website since the TV is out of warranty. Samsung has teamed up with a TV service repair company in my area that has 1-star rating and multiple bad reviews in regards to scheduling and how they just want to collect the customers $100 diagnosis without actually performing any work.

I bought this TV almost 4 years ago and I'm very disappointed to know Samsung has put out products that should have never passed Quality tests. I have flat screen TVs in my house of other brands that have worked perfectly fine for at least 10 years. This Samsung TV has been the most expensive i have purchased, and sadly, the only one that has given me problems up to this point.


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