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UN82NU8000FXZA fades to black (audio continues)

(Topic created on: 12/31/20 6:53 AM)
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We have an 82" UN82NU8000FXZA. Back in May, it started randomly fading to black screen (audio continues to play). If we turn the TV off and back on, the picture immediately returns. First thing in the morning, it will go about 10 minutes before fading out. The longer we have the TV on, the faster the fade-out occurs. We tried all the tips we could find on the forum: changed the power strip, made it the only thing on the power strip, changed the picture settings, changed the eco setting, unplugged and held the power button for 60 seconds and bought a new HDMI, but it didn't work.


We had a warranty through Square trade and they sent a repair tech out who swapped all of the boards. This fixed the problem between May and about a week ago. I am trying to decide whether it is worth it to attempt to get the TV repaired again, or just buy something else. Did anyone figure out a fix for this problem?



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