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Use the Earthquake Straps

So I am work and finishing my day when I text my wife to see if I can get her anything. I get a text back.

"Sorry please don't be mad at the puppy...(Our 2 year old German Sheperd)...he was a little excited."

"Okay AAAAnd?"

"Well he was jumping around and knocked over your new 4KUltra 55inches flat screen TV."

My heart sank. The place we had to put it..."For NOW!" Was right where this could happen but shouldn't and against my gut feelings I allowed it to happen.

Fell over from the basic stand it came with right on top of our coffee table. Now it is a black screen with three large spider's web white shadows in the upper right side.

Worst part is it is still being paid for.

That was so disheartening.

I love Samsung. 5 phones and two TVs. Other tablets and handheld devices. We are a Samsung family of believers.

So I have to stomach football season without. Endgame just released and was going to look super tight on my TV. I will now be stuck on my laptop or phone.

Once I pay off this broken TV. I might be able to save up to get another one. Maybe for the Super Bowl.


Tears falls from my eyes.

TY Samsung for getting me hooked.



Re: Use the Earthquake Straps

That's just awful! I do wonder though, if you bought it with a Credit Card, don't most CCs have "extended warranties" built-in that would cover this type of accidental damage?


I looked cuz of "earthquake" in title, and maybe you should have included "large dog"!