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Using HDMI and Optical for 2 Zones with Onkyo Receiver

(Topic created: 08-30-2021 07:22 AM)
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I just replaced a smaller Sharp 50” TV in my bedroom with a Samsung 70” class 6 4K Smart (UN70TU6980FXZA), and am having some difficulties configuring my sound through the receiver. My theater with the Sharp  is/was set-up in a way that I have the front and main speakers running through Zone 1 on my receiver via HDMI ARC , and I’ve got Zone 2 running via optical to a optical>rca converter (zone 2 can only run analog). I set this up so I can just use Zone 2 to run two smaller speakers to keep the volume levels down while kids are asleep.  The Sharp has no problem sending audio through the HDMI and the Optical at the same time. 

I’ve tried to replicate this configuration with the Samsung but I can’t get the zone 2 to produce any sound.  In the audio settings on the Samsung, it appears I have to choose HDMI OR Optical. 

Has anyone had any experience trying to accomplish this?  Would hate to have to put the 50” Sharp back up, but the audio config is really imperative given the size of the room and being able to watch programming while others are asleep upstairs. 

Thanks so much for the help!

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