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Using an AppleTV 4K with UN65RU9000FXZA

I've been using an Apple TV as my streaming device for a few years now quite happily with a Sony TV. This weekend, I took a splurge and upgraded to a 65" Samsung TV. It doesn't seem to like my Apple TV. When I try searching for help with Samsung TVs and Apple TV, it seems all the references revolve around the AppleTV+ app, which I don't use.


My primary problem is that the Samsung TV doesn't recognize my AppleTV when the input is defined. If I stipulate that it's an OTT/Game Device, it does show Apple as a manufacturer option and I choose it. But when I go through remote setup, the remote doesn't respond. I'll eventually be shifted to the screen where I can provide a model number. When I stipulate "4K", "AppleTV4K" comes up as an option, but again, the remote doesn't work with it. If I try to setup the Samsung Universal Remote with the AppleTV's own IR remote learning process, the AppleTV tells me that I've already defined the "\/" button, and so it won't allow me to complete the setup. That's OK though, I'm good with the Universal Remote not working.... however, when I tell the AppleTV to sleep as I normally would, ALL of my other TVs simply go to sleep. Not so with the Samsung. It will instead pop back to a white screen and state that there's no signal input. The TV will eventually turn itself off, but I'm guessing that something is awry here in terms of how I define the Apple TV as an input source.


I'm using a high-speed HDMI cable. This very same AppleTV 4K worked fine with my last TV. I think this is some kind of eccentricity of the Samsung firmware. Does anyone have any advice?