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Volume Sticking

(Topic created on: 2/9/21 6:44 AM)
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I saw another post on this and am having a issue where my Samsung TV model UN40MU6290 will not change volume. It started a few months ago and then went away on it own but now happens every time I want to watch anything on the television. 

But now other weird things are happening. It said I couldn't app any apps to the home because the memory was full but there are no apps there.

The mute randomly flashes on and off on the screen.

It will lose internet connectivity eventhough it is a wired connection.

The tvplus app will start up everytime you start the tv eventhough you did not launch it.  

I have tried all the fixes I have seen online 

Power cycle by unplugging the cord

hold the power on the remote to turn it off and on 

reset the smart hub 

turn off the smart hub auto launch

factory reset 

check for latest version of software in updates

Nothing works. 

previously it would at least work some but now I can do the above steps and it does not get resolved or if it does it only lasts for a short while. 

I got a Samsung TV because I thought the quality would be there but I am very dissappointed. 

We have always had Samsung Phones and other items of theres but if this cant get resolved I am thinking I need to find a new brand for TV's. 

Does anybody have anything else they have tried to fix this? 

Hoping a Samsung Moderator could reach out to me on this as I sent one a private message last week and have heard nothing. 


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