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Warranties not being honored

Im looking to have someone reply who has had samsung refund their TV only after the specified time allotted. Its almost two weeks for each step. first you were to exchange my tv ,then because of availability I got a notification (not asked if it was ok) that my "case" has been now transferred to refunds/exchange process. this is where I began to be concerned. it has been since the 2nd of November just the beginning. Im not looking to sit around all these weeks. just to wrapup in the past two weeks, my ticket number has been changed, I was accidentally sent another users return document when I was supposed to be sent a link to sign the acceptance to the agreement amount which concerned me about the handling of the document given how sensitive it is. my issue now is whomever is in the refunds department (after reviewing all my of the reviews) is just canceling for idiotic reasons making you have to begin the entire process again. this is the process:


1. they need to retrieve the tv.

document withtv and pic of serial number. (some people were told to remove the sticker) 



your told: as soon as we receive your tv you will be issued a refund. step two someone picks up tv I asked for receipt.


step 3. once they recieve the tv no refund....ONE MORE STEP! (typically in this step, they lose your original document and need it sent again, this has happened in review after review) then your whole case is turned around as you need a new ticket but lets say everything goes fine step 3, you recieve a document via email to fillout another form where you send a pic of the serial a second time (so whats the point of including it anyways multiple times-I see reason to holdup). This will need to be "reviewed" in step 3. basically there is a process to review the document needed for us to take the tv away from you. 


in this process, extreme opportunity for error if the first time was unsuccessful.


if that happens to work you are supposed to receive a email your refund was approved at which you will see the amount in your account thereafter. 



I am highly upset and reaching out because I refuse to wait that long after already waiting and you taking my $2000+ tv from my home and telling me to hold!!!!!!!!!! NOT HAPPY AND WILL KEEP ESCALATING UNTIL I REACH SOMEONE. WILL CONTACT CEO IF I have to. my last resort is to persue legal action but I havent seen a review of one successful review and just this year Ive spent a decent portion of my salary on samsung products. I can't believe this is the process or the phones work as weak as they do. 


now que the robot to ask me to respond there. dont worry I replied off another post. anyone else have this issue. ...




Re: Warranties not being honored

Your issue is the mirror image of mine. Down to ever issue. The most frustrating thing I've ever dealt with. Had a new tv, it went out. They came to pick it up and said your refund is coming. Said they sent it but, of course, I never received it. Now they want to "investigate" this. Its now been 3 months. What I've discovered is they simply don't care. Can't talk with anyone except their telephone operators. They've stopped answering my messages. What a worthless uncaring company.