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Where is Alexa Built-in?

I just received a new QLED Q800T

I was excited about it...until I turned it on

Voice only have Blixy, no Alexa is around

Updated 1301.5

Any idea?


Disney+ and Samsung TV + is missing too

whats? this?



Update: 07/15/2020

As I understand Samsung discriminate you if you're Latin. 

Alexa from Amazon it's truly installed but only active if you're in USA, Europe, or Asia.

Forget about it if you're in Central or South America, and you're Spanish Speaker


To Activate Alexa you have to connect through a VPN located in any place on the world but Central or

Latin America.



1.- Reset your Smart TV to factory

2.- set up with remote control, don't use your phone nor sign in Samsung account, you will do later.

3.- it will prompt to option Bilxy or decide

4.- it will prompt a QR code to affiliate Alexa to your amazon account

5.- your're done


volume up and down 

ask for weather

ask for a joke

however: impossible to open prime video, Netflix, apple Tv....or any other