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Xbox Series X on Samsung 2016 Series 8 only 60 fps

(Topic created: 06-18-2021 07:32 AM)
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Xbox Series X on Samsung 2016 Series 8 (UN65KS8500FXZA) is only 60 fps for 4k. The new Xbox is capable of 120 FPS and the TV is 120 hz so I thought it was capable of 120 FPS as well. Game mode is turned on for the television and I’m using the ultra HDMI cord for the Xbox but it is connected to the one connect Samsung box. The TV has a lack of ports and requires the one connect box.

any ideas how I can poll 120 FPS? Is this an issue with the TV that isn’t capable of HDMI 2.1 because it’s older from 2016 or would a new one connect box resolve this issue? Help please. 

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