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Yet another Samsung un60ks8000 goes down

After years of being a loyal Sony customer I was talked into switching to Samsung. Initially I was happy that I did. Heck I bought one for my parents and had my company buy many. However 2 weeks ago I muted my TV and that was the last time my 8 series worked. The picture is still amazing however there is no volume, all buttons are unresponsive(including the joystick thing I didn't even know existed), no way to change inputs, etc. First service call the repairman "no showed" me. The next day I recieved a text advising I was out of warranty and asking if I still wanted them to come. I replied yes but heard nothing else from them. I then called the company that text me and set up an appointment for 5 days later(earliest available). The very nice man arrived today and said the "main board" needs to be replaced and that he has never seen that on a TV in "this" condition that was still relatively new. I call Samsung customer service and speak with a supervisor only to be told that Samsung only stands behind their product when under warranty. And that they will extend a 1 time courtesy of parts but not labor only if under 2 years old. My entire family and many friends used Sony, to which I've never had one fail me. They all end up getting donated when I purchased a new one. This Samsung paperweight will instead be tossed more than likely unless I can find a friend that can put in a new main board. Samsung will not get another dime from me. Sony has one again earned my loyalty.