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Youtube TV App issues

I have a new issue with Youtube TV app on a samsung un43nu6900 smart TV.  All other apps work.  When opening YoutubeTV it goes to home screen.  I can browse and the last channel open plays in the background so it is getting an internet connection.  When I go to live tv it plays for 2 seconds, spins, and then error message comes up saying no internet.


Again, this just started happening several weeks ago.  Other TVs using wifi don't have this issue.  Tried reset on TV and reinstalling youtube TV app.  None helps.  Amazon Video app works just fine.


I am guessing this is a software glitch.

Samsung Moderator
Samsung Moderator

Re: Youtube TV App issues

I am sorry to hear about this. If YouTube TV is the only app you are experiencing problems with, you will want to contact YouTube support for assistance.

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