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Re: Youtube TV app for Samsung Smart TVs made before 2016


All of you should do your research before complaining. Pre-2017 Samsung TVs have a completely different Linux based operating system and a ton of apps to go with it (apps for programs that are older than 2017). Unfortunately, as they were prepping to switched to the different operating system in 2017, they only updated old apps that already existed (youtube TV didnt even exist at this time during 2015/2016). Finally youtube TV came out and they wrote the app to work with there new operating system. Yes, they could spend a bunch of moey writing the same app for the old operating system, but they'd rather make you buy a new TV instead. you are SOL. At least nice TVs are cheaper now than back in 2016...


Re: Youtube TV app for Samsung Smart TVs made before 2016


Spend a bunch of money and write program...or buy a new TV.


If Samsung wants to pull my serial numbers registered to this email, I hope they do. I can afford TVs, have 4 or 5 registered TVs currently.


If Samsung won't update a 2 or 3 year old TV, that is pathetic. The news will be 8k, who cares...can't get consistent HD or 4k content now as it is.


I can tell, now after 4? Galaxy phones, and running into same problem.

What, the new mega Note 10 I was considering in August....with no update after 2 years, for most likely 1500.00, might not happen


If they won't update the TVs for 5 years, not buying a replacement for my 75 inch Q in 2 years.


Samsung can bet ....I have Zero plans, wasting almost 2 grand for a foldable phone, they won't support for more than 2 years.


Zero chance.


Just snagged a 65 inch Q8, salesman gave me a heck of a deal. Probably my last from Samsung

Most likely, my last one Samy TV, knowing this