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I am reposting for 4th time. Every time my post gets flagged as spam by moderators. They really don't like my posting here.

I am another victim of Samsung crappy design. I have UN65JS8500 TV set that has a problem with light bleed. There is a big thread on this forum discussing the problem and even you tube video showing the problem is a fire hazard. Samsung won't allow people to reply to that thread as it shows how widespread the problem really is. I cannot provide a hyperlink that thread using hyperlink option as it won't allow me to post this message. I even tried creating another account but wasn't able to reply in that thread. I had no choice but to start a new one.

I contacted Samsung using the chat on this forum (SamsungAl). They asked me to provide serial number, pictures demonstrating the problem... Then several days later they told me the repair center is going to contact me:

"I truly apologize for the delay in response! I have you all set up for service under ticket number ((#(#. The service center will be in contact with you directly"

Repair center contacted me within several days after Samsung notified me. What's funny is that the repair center expect me to pay for the repair. They wanted to schedule service visit ($140) to identify the problem since Samsung won't cover that and any subsequent repairs would be paid out of my pocket. I told service center to give me time to clarify with Samsung. Obviously Samsung hasn't responded back after I sent 2 messages. So not only Samsung doesn't provide customer service and stay behind they poorly designed product,  they are also making money on the side with various service centers by scheduling visits for a widespread problem they know about. I pretty certain the replacement panel is not even available for this set so I would be wasting $140 for the service visit. This is truly a great business model.

The moderators that have been replying SamsungAl(mod) and SamsungLarry (admin). They have stopped replying to my inquires and I have sent 2 messages. 

The problem with the LED backlight strip located on the sides of LCD panel. They heat up so much to start melting the plastic light diffusor as well as LED housing and strip they are mounted on. This is a safety issue and Samsung has thousands of these TV sets rotating in the field. It is a very dangerous to continue using them. Samsung must recall all of these sets from the field, but they haven't done anything and I am surprise they can get away so easily... This is a class auction lawsuit written all over it.

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Samsung Moderator
Samsung Moderator
4k, 8k and Other TVs

We can't advise what parts are available, but you're welcome to check our parts site at http://www.samsungparts.com, but we recommend a service technician actually repair the unit. If you ever feel uncomfortable with your unit, we ask that you please unplug the unit until a proper service technician can perform repairs prior to further use.  The unit is out of warranty therefore any service costs would be the responsibility of the owner. Please let us know if we can answer any other questions. I have also taken the liberty of providing a link below so you can locate any local service centers in your area. http://www.samsung.com/us/support/service/location

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