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Cosmic Ray

samsung tv and soundbar issue

I just bought a Nintendo switch and I have a Samsung 6 series un50nu6950fxza tv with a samsung model HW-N400/ZA soundbar. This tv only has 2 hdmi inputs and I had the soundbar connected in the hdmi 2 arc slot. Since the switch needs to be in an hdmi slot and I have a ps4in the other.  I had to connect the sound bar through the optics cable. In doing so I lost a lot of functionality between the 2 devices. The soundbar no longer turns on and off with the tv. The sound level does not display on tv when using the tv remote. Even some functions through the smart devices app have stopped working. Is there any way of remedying these issues?  I am having an issue right now where when I turn the tv off and then the soundbar the soundbar is coming back on.
Cosmic Ray

Re: samsung tv and soundbar issue

ok it would have helped if I had posted this when I actually wrote it a few hours ago but I tested a few things after talking on Twitter with Samsung. I was told that the device would come on with the optics cable when the tv is turned on but not go off when its turned off. They sent me a link that had a note that said after 20 mins of no power to the tv the sound bar would turn off. so as I stated I tried a few things.

1. If I urn off the tv and leave the soundbar on after a minute or so I here the TV chime play then I can turn it off and it stays off.

2. After figuring that out I turned tv off waited a minute or so then I heard the on/off tune play through the sounds bar so I turned it off. I went and dicked around for 5 or so minutes came back up made sure it was still of and it was. Turned the tv back on and it came back on also.

3. I decided to try the 20 minute test and see if it turned itself off. I turned off the tv waited till i heard the chime again. Waited 20 mins somewhere along the line the soundbar turned itself off i turned tv back on and bar came one again.

So now I am just lost a bit on what to do is it ok is it not? I have a set up at my parents with a 7 series tv and the same exact soundbar. I am not 100% sure but I sear its set up with the optics cable also and it works with the full ARC support, I think. I cou.d be wrong and its hooked up through hdmi or its just go a better all around set up then the 6 series.