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yellow screen series 8

Series 8, Yellow screen comes on immediately when turning on. Grey box appears saying need to accept terms and conditions before using this feature. Would you like to go to the agreement now?

options to click are cancel (just yellow screen and you cannot get off it even after turn tv on and off) or setup. After clicking setup, black screen comes on for a sec, then shows login page saying signed in, click done. Click done and goes to backup page. Click next and it takes me to a your tv is ready to use page. Only option is to click done which then returns you to yellow screen... only way to get grey box for terms of conditions is by unplugging and replaying tv, otherwise yellow screen. Please Help! This tv was working last night and the past 3 weeks since bought. Not moved or anything. 

Samsung Moderator
Samsung Moderator

Re: yellow screen series 8

I'm sorry to hear that, could you provide a picture of the yellow screen? 

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