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A53 SD card corrupted/wiped

(Topic created: 04-29-2024 02:58 PM)
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I have had a 512GB microSD card in my A53 5G for over a year and had no problems until the latest update when it suddenly corrupted the SD card (was able to recover what was on it with my laptop and SanDisks recovery tool)... I thought it had just been written and rewritten too many times so I put a 64GB microSD in, and the next day that one was completely wiped to the point that my laptop nor backup phone even registers that an SD was inserted, then I put a 128GB card in and the same thing happened so I am leary of putting yet another one in my phone, my SM-A536V has been a great phone and the reason I chose it over the S series is because of the SD slot so I could do a system dump (*#9900#) and have removable media but without the SD its not the same phone. Please help? 

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