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Bluetooth volume resets after a reboot (Galaxy A32 5G)

(Topic created: 04-16-2024 08:52 PM)
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I have a Samsung Galaxy A32 5G phone that, when I set the Bluetooth media volume higher than the default media volume limit, it always resets the Bluetooth media volume back down to that limit after restarting my phone. That is, I'm trying to use the feature where the phone remembers the volume I previously set for most individual Bluetooth devices, and automatically restores that volume level whenever I connect the specific device, but it's not working correctly in this scenario. I've tried adjusting the media volume limit and turning it off completely to no success. I've also tried disabling absolute volume in the developer options, but that seems to disable the 'remembered' volumes completely.

Is this the intended behavior? If so, is there a workaround, and if not, is there a way to fix it?

For a concrete example, when I connect to my car stereo over Bluetooth I always set the media volume on my phone to the max, otherwise it's too quiet (the stereo is old enough that the Bluetooth absolute volume doesn't work correctly, and the media volume on my phone doesn't affect the stereo volume). Usually it works great, automatically going to the max volume when I connect it. But if I've restarted my phone since I was in the car last, the media volume resets to the media volume limit, about 3/4ths of the max volume.

Edit: When I keep it near the minimum volume, like with my earbuds, a restart doesn't reset that volume. It 'remembers' whatever volume level I used with the device last time, which makes me think it's an issue with the media volume limit specifically.

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