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Lock screen Detailed Notifications not working, Brief Notification failing after Reset. A545G

(Topic created: 05-08-2024 03:51 PM)
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Where can I get an actual resolution for this?  Not chat-support.

This feature hasn't worked for months, from what I've read online seems like I'm not the only user with this problem.  After the "support?" person had me do a Reset (and loosing wireless access point credentials for >50 customer buildings, was told wouldn't happen) only the Brief style of lock screen notification operated for one day.  When the needed Detailed notification is chosen, the screen remains black.  The final solution from the rep two days ago was to buy a new S24 $800 phone.  But I'm reading complaints about this problem from S23 and S24 users also.  This isn't hard to get right (not like landing a spent rocket booster), its been a working feature I've used since S2, S6, and S9 handsets. 

Today the chat genius had me go to a BestBuy for help, they laughed, agreeing it was an upgrade snafu.

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