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Not happy with the Calendar & Reminders

(Topic created: 06-01-2024 12:06 PM)
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I'm using Galaxy a14e.

I liked using Samsung Calendar Events as reminders because a big notification appeared on my screen that I couldn't possibly miss.

But today, I was invited by the Calendar app to add "Reminders" (as well as "Events?) and unfortunately I agreed and now am not happy with what's happened. Samsung Calendar diary looks different, and when I receive a notification it only appears briefly as a pop-up - as opposed to filling the whole screen like before. That is the case whether I add either an "Event" or a "Reminder". How do I just go back to the way it was before, please? I don't want "Reminders", only "Events" because it worked for me that way. This is annoying and confusing. I've searched settings but can't see any way to make the notification fill my whole screen.

Please help if you can. Thanks in advance

Update. The Calendar app that comes with the phone is a Samsung app, right? 

All I want to do is use it to get notifications for things I need to do. I don't want to sync it with anything whatsoever and yet, when I disable Google Calendars (within Samsung Calendar app), all my events disappear on the Samsung Calendar. I don't even use Google Calendar. I really can't work out what's going on and it's difficult to explain.  (Probably something to do with Google needing to rule the world.)

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