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Smart switch removed files?

(Topic created: 04-09-2024 03:41 PM)
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Before i explain, i have contacted support about this and they werent able to do anything (more like weren't any help..)

Back in December, I upgraded from a A10e to a A24. I did a smart switch, got my files nd went on my way. During that time til now, I obviously have more files, photos ect. I use this app called Writer Plus for noting things down for my hobbies. I had saw I was missing a folder so I went and got my old phone to see if I could just use smart switch to send the folder/data over quickly. After doing it, new files I made during the time (December to now) was now gone. If I'm to explain it in less words, it's like the app reverted back to how it was before I started writing anything new.

I do not have a back up (or couldn't backup unless i saved the writings manually (and i have well over 100 so kind of out of the question)). But regardless, I know that smart switch doesn't have the ability to delete data (that is what the agent told me) so my files should still be there but aren't visible. Worst case scenario the files somehow got corrupted?

I did try to run recovery/file viewing apps but none helped because of that stupid restriction on app data folders for android.

Really I just want to know if anyone has had a similar problem and have you found a solution? 
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