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The Galaxy A14 5G is a Joke!

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Cosmic Ray
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The Galaxy A14 5G is a joke the performance is a piece of **bleep** this phone sucks I've been resting it so many times it can barely play Subway Surfers without lagging even with Rocket League sideswipe I've had this **bleep** phone for a year and I'm still having this problem I want to swap my phone out for the A15 5G which my brother currently owns the Galaxy A15 5G is way better its huge upgrade from the Galaxy A14 5G which is useless the same **bleep** chipset that the Galaxy A13 5G has Samsung you did better with the Galaxy A15 5G.

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User of the same phone. It's mostly designed for everyday use, not for heavy loads. It's a ~$150 phone, for goodness sake. You would need to turn down some graphics and performance settings for it to work. You're putting the phone out of it's comfort zone, and it's struggling to keep up. You may also have storage issues, which is a whole other issue. I would recommend a better phone, either newer or higher up the price ladder.