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[A71 5G] Make Android 12 Quick Settings shade look like Android 12

(Topic created: 05-17-2022 06:36 AM)
Android 12

I have been super excited to know that the A71 5G was getting Android 12.  My wife and I got the update last night.

Problem is, I'm heartbroken, because I thought the whole interface was going to look like the Pixel 6's.

I wanted the big, fat buttons in the quick settings shade, like the phone on the right at 13:20: https://youtu.be/A1iox6d9d1M?t=799, not the same old circles from Android 8 (Pie).  

Am I missing something?  Where is the setting to allow Android 12 look like Android 12?

It is possible? (Other than installing a custom ROM?)

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Red Giant
Android 12
Samsung didn't bring the redesign like Google did. Since they use one ui they decided how to design it, to make it feel similar for more non tech savvy people. Samsung is kinda falling into the trap Apple has, their products have so much reach they have to be cautious how to redesign.

That being said, you can prolly install a android 12 rom like the pixels but be careful as that can be dangerous