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Android 12
Ok. So now it's my time to ask for help! I have searched in this forum for this particular issue and in the Solutions section found 736 similar inquiries but non having to do with this particular issue.
I've got Galaxy A32
Android 12, OneUI 4.1
and I'm very familiar with my device and it's Tips, Tricks, Settings and Options for Troubleshooting and Optimizations. However, recently my phone is doing terrible with streaming YouTube and Tubi. I done several Speed Tests online when this is happening to check latency and Download Speeds and with multiple Networks and M-Lab I always get at least 119+mps and low Latency ms. But for some reason I can't stream anymore than 15- 20 sec. without going into a buffer loop and having to stop the video, then it does it again. 
I know it seems like a Network Issue but I've got 5G and all manner of Speed Tests show roughly the same thing: Excellent Network Speed. 
Can you shoot my a Clue about what I might be missing here?
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Android 12
I use the Cable Matters model # 201028 USB-C to HDMI adapter. I also bought a 25 foot HDMI cable. Was having Terrible buffering because of Neighbors stealing My streaming service. Works Great. Gives You a Direct phone to TV link. Costs between $50-55, from Amazon. I'd check and See if You're being hacked by someone.
Android 12
I found that in my particular area that there are network issues. When I went to another part of town it wasn't the same. I haven't had the issue until recently, but I guess it's just how it goes!