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GPS Accuracy Low When Using Maps After May Update For S22 T-mobile Phone

(Topic created: 05-04-2022 04:53 PM)
Cosmic Ray
Android 12
I live in Utah and got the May Software update like on April 29th on my S22 phone. I was very impressed with how Samsung and the carrier locked phones push out monthly security updates and minor OS upgrades along with those updates almost every quarter of the year, a long with the 4 years of OS upgrades and 5 years of security updates. But I gotta say it's seen plenty of bugs in software updates over the years. I've had five other Samsung Galaxy phones before my current S22, I used an S6, S8+, S10+, Note 10+, S21 Ultra and yeah, I got to give it to Samsung, they are great with delivering a lot of bug fixes in a short wait to get the OTA update. 
But anyways, since I updated my phone almost 10 days ago, when I'm using Maps I have to recalibrate my GPS accuracy a lot more than I have on any Samsung device I've ever owned, and it also suggests using mobile data along with wifi to boost the GPS accuracy, which doesn't help any. It keeps asking for me to recalibrate the accuracy quite often when actively using Maps. The Location Accuracy is Low a lot and I'm not by any means living in a metropolitan area, but it's big enough that any carrier I've used before like At&t and T-mobile and never ran into any location with low accuracy unless I went up on the mountains or just blacked out spots that still exist or is still common to not have high accuracy with GPS but phones and carriers have came a long ways with service on phones. 
If anyone has the accuracy issue like this, let me know and if there is any fix before June 2022 monthly update rolls out.
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