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Galaxy s20 Ultra, Fast and super fast charge not working after android 12

(Topic created: 04-26-2022 10:02 AM)
Android 12

Ever since updating to Android 12; fast and super fast charging no longer works, moisture detected alarm shows up occasionally.

For my fellow Galaxy S20ers here's what I did so you can avoid doing since it's useless.

1. Dry your phone, put it in a bag of rice, etc..., that's not the case it's not gonna fix anything.

2. Enable, disable fast and super charging, try a different cable. Not working.

3. Clear cache partition from recovery mode. Not working 

4. Factory reset phone, thank god I backed my data since it was for nothing.

5. My phone was still on warranty coverage, I took it to samsung official maintenance place, they couldn't figure out what's the issue, so they reset it again and sent it back and said "no technical issue found".

Now I'm hopeless and the only way out of this is a software update that fixes all of this mess, I hope it's released soon as many members obviously experiencing the same issue. 


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Android 12
Hi are you using any type of battery charging case by any chance?