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Mobile Data unavailable after update and keyboard glitches

(Topic created: 05-22-2022 01:40 AM)
Android 12

I installed the update to Android 12 one 4.1 yesterday for my Xcover pro and my phone doesn't get mobile data anymore at home,  out and about,  at my work,  all places I never had any issues with my mobile data before.  I use data based messaging apps as my primary and now I'm practically carrying around a brick.

Secondary,  regardless of internet collection and keyboard (I usually use Gboard and now, I'm using the Samsung native keyboard that came pre-installed and both are glitching only.) After the update, I basically can't edit what I write. I will move the cursor and try to delete or add letters and my phone will move the cursor to the end. If i finally get the cursor back to where I need to and get it fixed, and then try to go back to the end to write more, the cursor will move back to the word that I was fixing previously. 

So frustrating.

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Android 12
Settings/General management/Reset/Reset network settings, then hit the reset settings button.

This will reset your issue plus your Bluetooth & Wi-Fi login, so you will need to reestablish those connections again.